Pacific Spirit Vancouver, is a best seller in Canada featuring Vancouver, BC and nearby landscapes. This stunning book was a featured give away by the Vancouver Board of Trade, gifted to dignitaries such as Bill Clinton. It is currently sold out.

This is a warm hearted, true story, that proves that good intentions and a little perseverance produce wonderful results. 

The Snowman

Once upon a time, year and a half ago, during the big snowfall in Vancouver, Karl Herrmann, B.O.T. member was out making photographs for his upcoming coffee table book “Pacific Spirit – Vancouver”.  He came across a mother and daughter starting to build a snowman down by English Bay and thought it was nice that a family could enjoy such activity together.  An hour later he passed by the duo again just as the little girl was removing her mittens from their most wonderful and expressive creation.  Realizing the opportunity, Karl asked the girl to leave her mittens on the snowman for a moment while he took a photo with the now famous Inukshuk in the background.  Mother and daughter were taken with the photo, so Karl gave them his card and suggested they contact him and he would send them the image.  No contact ever came.  Karl decided to include the image in his book hoping that one day the little girl would see the snowman and say, “That’s my snowman!”

In promoting “Pacific Spirit – Vancouver” word got out that Karl would really like to somehow reconnect with the little girl and give her a copy (signed) of his book.  One day, Mike McCardell from Global TV, called and wanted to do an interview with Karl about the snowman and the little girl.  The interview was done and aired on Global.  Still nothing.  Karl was now on a mission to find the girl and went to the schools in the neighborhood.  One school in particular was most helpful and suggested he make a little poster, which he did.  It read, “Global TV wants you.” and it had a picture of the snowman on it.  As it turns out, the poster was distributed to all the teachers and brought into each classroom.  The magic of intention stepped in full force when, from the back row in a classroom, a little girl put up her hand and said, “That’s MY snowman, and those are my mittens.” 

Later that evening, Karl got a telephone call and the woman on the other end of the line said, “I think you are looking for my daughter and I.  We built a snowman….”  Karl immediately left McCardell a message that simply said, “The snowman lives.” and hung up.  McCardell immediately arranged for a second interview about the snowman, and its maker, and the photographer who had an idea that wouldn’t go away.  The snow had long since melted, along with the snowman, but a signed book and framed print of the snowman was given to the little girl with the mittens in front of the Inukshuk that sunny morning.  And it was all recorded by Mike McCardell and his crew for Global TV.  They all lived happily ever after….  The End.

The Board of Trade uses “Pacific Spirit – Vancouver” as a gifting item.  It is available at all the major bookstores and tourist attractions in the city.  Karl offers all B.O.T. members a discount price if ordered directly from him.  “The Snowman” along with all the other images in the book are available as signed,  limited edition, fine art prints.  Karl Herrmann  “Pacific Spirit – Vancouver”  604/261-1361